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To ensure an on-time and satisfactory delivery, an efficient and effective project management is needed.
Clear and accurate instructions and information provided will enable us to utilize our time to focus on the project instead of time spent on communication.

1. Project requirement and outline

We need all relevant:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Sketches
  • Material references
  • Furniture images references
  • Site photos
  • Web links

We need you to:

  • Specify the number of views required
  • Indicate the camera positions on the floor plans or sketches
  • Let us know if you have any specific requirements on pixels, size, height, width, aspect ratio and dpi
  • Specify the mood desired, ie. time of the day, season, etc
  • indicate a budget limitation if any
  • indicate a target date

If a walkthrough animation is required, please also give us:

  • the path of the animation indicated on the floor plans or sketches
  • the duration of the video
  • an indicative story board with specific features to be highlighted

2. Quote, Timeline and Project Approval

Upon receipt of all the required information and careful analysis by our team, a quotation will be drafted (within 24hours) with a detailed schedule of terms of deliverables, different options and expected delivery dates. Once the price and delivery terms are approved, a contract shall be signed and a down payment of 50% shall be paid.

3. 3D Modeling

Upon receipt of the down payment, we will begin by modeling the space and/or objects. Depending on the type of projects we are dealing with, the numbers of progress drafts will be indicated in the contract. At this time, we will request for all textures and missing details to be supplied.

4.Texturing and Lighting

After the 3d model with preliminary texturing is approved, detail textures will be added to all surfaces with the requested lighting conditions. A low resolution preview will be generated for your final adjustments and approval. Feedbacks, comments and markups will be taken into account and revised accordingly.

Minor revisions are non-chargeable as long as they fall within the original scope of work. Major revisions with change of movable furniture pieces that requires extensive modeling with be chargeable.

5. Rendering and Post-production

After the textures and lighting are approved, the high resolution images are rendered. Post-production will add finishing touches to your satisfaction.

6. Project Delivery

Upon receipt of the final payment, finished products will be sent via email, or uploaded to file transfer protocol sites for your access, depending on the sizes.


Our clients understand that design and ambience make a positive contribution to their competitive edge.

Current Projects

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Transcorp Hilton Ikoyi Hotel
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Wyndham Garden Addis Hotel
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Transcorp Hilton Abuja Gallery Strip
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Private Chalet Crans Montana
Valais, Switzerland
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Grand Hotel Kempinski Room Renovation
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Transcorp Hilton Hotel
Abuja, Nigera
Living Hotell Stockholm
Living Hotell
Stockholm, Sweden
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